08 September 2010

Choosel Poster at InfoVis 2010

I will present a poster on the Choosel Framework at IEEE InfoVis 2010. The main goal of the Choosel project is to enable software developers and researchers to easily create web-based visual data exploration environments for novices. The poster paper briefly summarizes some of the related work, the features of Choosel, and the results of a prelimary usability evaluation:

Since information visualization has become increasingly vital to experts, it is now important to enable information visualization novices to consume, construct, and coordinate visualizations as well. Choosel is a web-based environment that aims at facilitating flexible visual data exploration for information visualization novices. It supports the iterative construction of multiple coordinated views during the visual data analysis process. A preliminary user study with 8 participants indicated that multiple windows, enhanced drag and drop interaction, and highlighting of items and sets, in particular, support novices in the visual data exploration process in a useful and intuitive way.

Download Poster Abstract (2 pages)

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