22 October 2010

Choosel at VisWeek 2010 and at CASCON 2010

Interested in data visualization on the web? There are several Choosel-related events at VisWeek 2010, CSER and CASCON 2010. Choosel is an open-source framework for browser-based data visualization.

Watch video in full screen and HD for better quality

Oct 24-28, I will present the InfoVis poster "Choosel – Web-based Visualization Construction and Coordination for Information Visualization Novices" at VisWeek 2010. Here is a preview:

Oct 31st, there will be a presentation on Choosel and the Work Item Explorer at CSER. The Work Item Explorer (developed by Patrick Gorman, Del Myers and Christoph Treude) is a research prototype built on Choosel that facilitates the flexible, iterative exploration of Jazz data, focusing primarily on work items.

Nov 1-4, there will be CASCON exhibits on Choosel and the Work Item Explorer. The Choosel exhibit (Bradley Blashko, Lars Grammel) will be at booth X2 near the Central Tower, and the Work Item Explorer exhibit (Patrick Gorman, Christoph Treude) will be at booth U5. The exhibits are open 5pm to 7pm on Monday (Nov 1), from 8.30am to 7pm on Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov 2 and 3), and from 8.30am to 1pm on Thursday (Nov 4).

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