03 January 2011

Protovis-GWT 0.1 Released

Update: A newer version of Protovis-GWT has been released. Please see the wiki page for the latest information on Protovis-GWT.

Protovis-GWT is an open source GWT data visualization module. It wraps the Protovis JavaScript visualization API for usage in GWT. Protovis-GWT 0.1 (Download Module) is an early development version based on Protovis 3.2 and GWT 2.1. Several examples from the Protovis example gallery have been re-implemented using Protovis/GWT. Protovis-GWT is developed as part of the Choosel Visual Data Exploration Framework.

Version 0.1 implements the Protovis functionality for most conventional and custom examples from the Protovis website. The support for tree, graph and map visualizations as well as for interaction is still limited. Protovis-GWT currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari. IE is not yet supported.

Getting started with Protovis-GWT in your GWT project is easy:

  1. Download the Protovis-GWT module jar file
  2. Add the jar file to the build path of your GWT project
  3. Inherit org.thechiselgroup.choosel.protovis.ProtovisGWT by adding <inherits name='org.thechiselgroup.choosel.protovis.ProtovisGWT'/> to your GWT module XML definition (.gwt.xml).
  4. Use the Protovis Widget in your code, e.g.
  5. public void onModuleLoad() {
    RootPanel.get().add(new ProtovisWidget() {
    protected void onAttach() {
    // create visualization here...

More information on Protovis-GWT:

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