16 July 2011

Protovis-GWT 0.4.1 released

Protovis-GWT is an open source GWT data visualization module. The goal of Protovis-GWT is to make the Protovis JavaScript visualization API available in GWT by wrapping the original JavaScript code using JSNI.

Protovis-GWT supports a wide range of visualizations (Area chart, bar chart, pie chart, line chart, stacked charts, treemap, sunburst, icicle diagram, dendrogram, force-directed graph, arc diagram, matrix diagram, box-and-whisker plot, streamgraph, bullet chart, candlestick chart). It implements the complete API of the basic Protovis Mark classes (Mark, Area, Bar, Dot, Label, Line, Wedge) and enables you to create custom visualizations in GWT, similar to the ones you can create with the Protovis library in JavaScript.

In Protovis-GWT 0.4.1, support for the Protovis pan and zoom behaviors was added. The ellipse mark type, which is not part of the original Protovis, was added. Protovis-GWT 0.4.1 is now based on GWT 2.3 (instead of 2.1) and supports Internet Explorer 9.

More information on Protovis-GWT:


tiftif said...

Is Protovis-GWT still under development? I haven't seen any activity since beginning of August so I was just wondering. You did an amazing job on it!

lgrammel said...

Thanks! Protovis-GWT is not under active development any more, because the underlying Protovis javascript library has been discontinued in favor of d3.